Supper @ St. John’s

Supper at St. John’s Adult Education Program

Winter 2022 – Love Wins

We are delighted to welcome you to join us for Supper at St. John’s via Zoom beginning on January 26 from 7:00-8:00 pm.   Brian Bouvier will be facilitating a discussion of Rob Bell’s best-selling and somewhat controversial book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

 “First, I believe that Jesus’s story is first and foremost about the love of God for every single one of us. It is a stunning, beautiful, expansive love, and it is for everybody, everywhere. That’s the story. “For God so loved the world . . .” That’s why Jesus came. That’s his message. That’s where the life is found. There are a growing number of us who have become acutely aware that Jesus’s story has been hijacked by a number of other stories, stories Jesus isn’t interested in telling, because they have nothing to do with what he came to do. The plot has been lost, and it’s time to reclaim it.”  Rob Bell

In Love Wins, bestselling author, international teacher, and speaker Rob Bell (Velvet Elvis, Drops Like Stars) addresses one of the most controversial issues of faith—hell and the afterlife—arguing, would a loving God send people to eternal torment forever?

Rob Bell is an electrifying, unconventional pastor whom Time magazine calls “a singular rock star in the church world,” with millions viewing his NOOMA videos.  With searing insight, Bell puts hell on trial with a hopeful message—eternal life doesn’t start when we die; it starts right now. And ultimately, Love Wins

 Fall 2022 – What We Believe

 We are looking forward to return to joining together in person for Supper at St. John’s in the fall of 2022.  God willing, we will renew our tradition of a community dinner followed by our program.  Our fall course will explore a series of sermons by Dr. Timothy Keller on What We Believe. These sermons follow the outline of the Apostles Creed but make it relevant to our lives today. Each week’s sermon (by video) will be followed by class discussion.