The leadership of St. John’s is divided among three boards: the Session, Deacons, and Trustees.


The Session is the governing body of the church, composed of elders (spiritual leaders) who are elected to serve for a 3-year term. They provide for the life and ministry of the church, particularly in the areas of Christian Life, Worship & Music, Administration, Christian Outreach, Membership Development, and Christian Education. The Session meets on the second Monday of every month.

Our current Elders on Session are:

Sue Chudy – Clerk of Session

Class of 2024
Susanne Engheta – Christian Fellowship
Gavin Kerr – Personnel
Wanda Odom – Membership Enrichment

Class of 2025
Ginger Black – Christian Education (Adult)
Lynne Hay – Christian Education (Youth)
Jim Little – Worship & Music
Jim Tiede – Trustees Liaison & Administration

Class of 2026
Lauren Feldman – Fellowship, Deacons Liaison
Kate Johnson – Outreach, Nominating
Alberto Urbina – Worship & Music


Deacons are often referred to as “the caring arm of the church.” The purpose of the Board of Deacons is “to lead the congregation in the exercise of ministries of sympathy, witness, and service, after the example of Jesus Christ.” The Deacons provide flowers for weekly worship and then deliver the flowers to those who are hospitalized, shut-in, or just in need of a pick-me-up. They also organize food and clothing drives, transportation for those in need of assistance, care packages for college students and military personnel, and meals for those in need.

Our current Deacons are:

Class of 2024
Joe Arico – Meal Ministry
Lisa Estabrook – Flowers
Jim Netter – Caregiving Ministry
Lee Walsh – President

Class of 2025
Sam Hillier – College Care Packages
Ellie Lund – Angle Tree, Prison Ministry
Ann Roberts – Clothing Drive

Class of 2026
Chrissy Bouvier – Communications
Betsy Friend – Food Drives
John McClintick – Homebound Outreach


The Trustees are responsible for the property and finance of the church. The Session delegates to them tasks related to Investments, Church Properties, Personnel, Insurance, Administration, and the annual Stewardship Campaign.

Our current Trustees are:

Class of 2024
Patrick Bullock – Secretary
John Lieberman – President
Dan Lortz – Grounds

Class of 2025
Laurie Cato – Personnel/Nominating
Troy Fisher – IT
Pam Schafer – Vice President, Insurance

Class of 2026
Allan Beverly
Peter Crawford
Rich Loomis – Administration