Important Covid Update

Apr 16, 2022

On Friday morning, one of the choir members who participated in the Maundy Thursday service tested positive for Covid (home test; results of a PCR test are pending as of Saturday morning).  We are alerting the congregation to this occurrence per the St John’s Covid guidelines.

In light of this and the general increase in Covid cases over the past few weeks, we recommend the following for Sunday’s Easter worship service.

  • All choir members who participated in the Maundy Thursday service are required to take a Covid test before attending/participating in the Easter Sunday service and to wear a mask during the worship service.
  • All people attending the Easter Sunday service are strongly encouraged to wear a mask during the worship service.
  • The air purifiers in the sanctuary will be turned on Saturday morning and remain on through the end of the Easter Sunday worship service.

As has been our practice, the Easter Sunday worship service will also be live-streamed.

We will continue to actively monitor the status of the Covid presence in our community and provide the St John’s community with updates and recommendations on an ongoing basis.

St John’s Presbyterian Covid Task Force

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