Horse Show Parking 2024

Apr 29, 2024

It is time once again for the Devon Horse Show, and as in the past, we would appreciate your support in making the parking activity a successful fund raiser for our Youth programs. It is also a great way to spend some time with friends, old or new, from St John’s.  We will be parking cars on the church grounds from 9 am to 9 pm from Wednesdays May 22 through Saturday June 1 (Sunday May 26 will be noon-9 pm), so there are ample opportunities for volunteering,

This year we will have 2 sign-up forms; one for Adults and one for Youth. Links to these forms can be found below.

We would ask that you complete one form for each person who will be volunteering their time, even if 2 or more family members will be volunteering at the same time.  Parents are welcome to complete the form for their youth; just be sure to use their name on the form(s) you submit (you can use your email and phone number for contact information if you wish).  You are welcome to submit more than one form (Adult or Youth) over time, so it is not necessary to wait until you have your full schedule in place select your volunteer times.

After you complete your registration form, you will receive an email listing the times you have signed up for, together with a link to a Google spreadsheet that will show all of the parking assignments (a link to this form is also at the bottom of this article).  You will be able to view and print this spreadsheet.  However, changes cannot be made.  Please contact Roseann or Ridgley if you need to change or cancel a time for which you initially volunteered to cover. This will allow us to modify the sign-up forms to reflect any vacancies that occur along the way.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. As always, this is greatly appreciated!


Youth Sign Up Form →

Adult Sign Up Form →

Google Spreadsheet →

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