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Lara Kennedy

Church Administrator

Lara joined St. John’s as our Church Administrator in April 2016. When she is not working at St. John’s, Lara is busy as the Operations Director and President of the Board for The Brandywine Singers Organization. In her free time, Lara loves to cook (and eat!) really great food. She would absolutely open her own restaurant if ever given the chance. Lara also loves to travel, to see new places and to meet new friends. Her grandparents owned an art gallery, through whom she gained a deeply-instilled love of art. Lara finds few things more relaxing than just wandering around an art gallery on a sunny afternoon.

In talking about St John’s, Lara says, “I love that St. John’s has done such a good job retaining its tight-knit family identity, even as development and commerce increase exponentially around it. In these major metropolitan areas, I think it is even more important to have places where everyone knows each other’s names and stories. Places like St. John’s are what make our communities strong.”

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Contact the Church Administrator