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Supper At St. John’s Begins January 16, 2019

Supper at St. John’s Adult Education Program
Winter/Spring 2019

Our Fall Adult Education program will be held Wednesdays, January 16-March 20, 2019. We begin at 6:00 pm with a delicious home cooked meal (cooked right in our church kitchen), followed by a choice of study to begin at 7:00 pm, and we conclude promptly at 8:00 pm. We are offering two 5-week classes during the first half of the winter program followed by one 5-week class for the second half. Childcare is available. Look for sign-ups during coffee fellowship after worship or contact Libby Dalrymple.

We are looking for a dedicated clean-up crew. You will be treated to a delicious church-cooked meal, and do not need to participate in the studies. This is an important part of the success of our church program. If you would like to help, please contact Libby Dalrymple

January 16-February 13, 2019
Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey facilitated by Gavin Kerr
Course Description:
Today’s world is more divided than ever in our lifetimes. People across the globe are in desperate need of love, healing and reconciliation – the kind of healing that God’s grace affords to all of us. While interest in spirituality is growing, when many people hear the word Christian they carry deeply negative impressions. Why does the church stir up such negative feelings when we offer the gifts of good news through the Gospels? In this video-based course, we will explore answers to these questions and many more pressing questions for our time and our community.

Home Grown by Patricia L. Nederveld facilitated by Debbie and Jeff Ealer Course Description: Debbie and Jeff Ealer will be facilitating this 5-week parenting course based on the curriculum Home Grown, Essentials for Christian Parenting. The class will include a short video followed by group discussion in which we share and learn from each other. Come discover how to create a Christ-centered home where you can grow in faith with your children and learn tips for a more peaceful home.

February 20-March 20, 2019 Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White by Adam Hamilton facilitated by Libby Dalrymple, Patrick Marshall, Gavin Kerr, Sue Johnson and Ridgley Joyner Course Description: America is polarized with more and more people unwilling to listen to one another. We, as persons of faith, should be able to lead a thoughtful conversation on the political, moral and religious issues that divide us. This video-based study looks at five areas:
• Where Faith and Politics Meet
• Christ, Christians, and the Culture Wars
• How Should we live, the ethics of Jesus
• Spiritual Maturity and Seeing gray
• What would Jesus say to America?

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