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Supper At St. John’s

Scripture Readings and Discussion-January 18-March 22
Moderator: Rev. Patrick Marshall
Back by popular demand, Patrick will lead a highly interactive 10-week class, in which we will read and discuss the scripture readings for the coming Sunday. This will give us the opportunity to already be reflecting on the scripture readings before we come to worship on Sunday, as well as to ask questions and provide insights that might help shape the sermon.

Spiritual Disciplines-January 18-February 15
Moderator: Sammie Evans (Broad Street Ministry)
As Lent approaches, many Protestants begin wondering how to approach the season. We begin wondering, what does Lent mean to me and what am I supposed to do during it? Do I give something up? Do I take something on? Many other Christian denominations provide clear practices and traditions, but it’s often more ambiguous for Presbyterians and other Protestants. This series is meant to expand our options for observing Lent. Together we will explore five different Spiritual Disciplines in an attempt to learn something new about ourselves and develop practices that bring us into the presence of God.

Famous Sermons-February 22-March 22
Moderator: Nancy Davis and Sue Hardin
The class will gather to watch and listen to five great sermons delivered by well-known preachers. Each week a different sermon will be presented and discussed, analyzing the message and discovering what made it a great sermon.

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