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“The Sacred Journey” Women’s Retreat–April 9, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

“The sacred journey” is a pilgrimage for those who are thirsty for more of God. This journey is for all those who are dissatisfied with living on the surface and who want to travel deeper into God’s heart. We invite you to come and explore spiritual disciplines as we seek to create sacred space for God.”

This invitation to a deeper journey with God comes from Sharon Brown’s book, “Sensible Shoes,” the book we will be using for the Women’s Retreat. The author explores the sacred journeys of four women whose lives, similar to our own, are far from perfect. They, like we, are on a quest for meaning and for a more congruent, growing relationship with Jesus. Through prayer and other spiritual practices used throughout the history of the Church, we will experience a greater awakening to God and to God’s desire to be in constant communication with us, his daughters. If you enjoy fellowship, desire to keep growing and have the courage to experience something new, come gather with us for this retreat.
The retreat will be facilitated by Carol Schreck. She is a retired associate professor at Palmer Seminary, clinician in Marriage and Family at Kairos Counseling Services in Devon, and a fellow pilgrim committed to the sacred journey. Carol values walking it with other sisters in the faith, and so she invites you to participate in this retreat experience. The book “Sensible Shoes” can be purchased at Barnes and Nobel’s book store or on-line through You are encouraged to read the book prior to the retreat so that you gain familiarity with the spiritual journey Carol will be speaking about.

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