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“Trusting God’s Future”

“Saying Yes to God” by Ellen Moeller–Sunday morning worship October 25, 2015

I said “yes” to speaking a few words this morning . . . on faith. I find that I want to tell my faith story. I said “yes” before even knowing for sure what I was going to say.

That seems to be a snap-shot of my faith journey over the years.   When I was 32 years old, and a brand new mother, I began to get to know my mother-in-law on a very personal level. She shared with me about her faith in God. Her story helped me tell my story and we have been faith-sharing friends every since. One thing that mystified me was her tendency to pray and thank God in all things. And I mean all things. When bad things happened to her, she thanked God.   . .on faith. What I began to see is that her thanking God was an obedience to His call in her life . . . and as she thanked God for even painful things, she grew in her faith and trust. Her model has had a strong impact on me. I can’t say that I thank God as much as she does, but I have learned to say “yes” and to trust God in the outcome. Today is an example of that. Will I tell a part of my faith story? YES.

Will I go on a mission trip? Yes. Will I serve on the Christian Ed Committee? Yes. Will I teach Sunday School? Yes.   These are just a couple examples. I was asked. I said yes (even when doubts bombarded me on the inside).

One example of saying yes in response to God was when Doug and I said YES to inviting Ethan to live with us in our home while he finished high school last year. We didn’t know how that was going to go. We didn’t know what might be required of us. We said yes . . . on faith, and together in faith . . . and trusted God with the results. Was it easy? Not entirely. Did it require sacrifice? Yes, at times. Am I sorry we said yes? Not one bit. We were each stretched beyond what we could have imagined. That is what I have come to trust about God.

He nudges. He asks. He gets my attention. I have learned to trust Him and say YES. I know He has a way-bigger picture than I do. . . and he loves me beyond what I can comprehend. That is why I can say yes and trust him with the results.

Three weeks from today, on November 15, we will be celebrating Consecration Sunday, where we will be dedicating our financial pledges to God for the coming year. What is God calling you to give? How is God inviting you to say YES, take a step in faith, and trust him with the results? Please join us for worship and a celebration brunch on the 15th, and if you haven’t already turned in your reservation card, please do that as soon as you can. We hope that you will say YES to this invitation and join us for Consecration Sunday. Thank you!

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